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Using GoPro GPS Module on FPV Drones (Spare Parts from Naked GoPro)

Using GoPro GPS Module on FPV Drones (Spare Parts from Naked GoPro)

If you made a Naked GoPro, you are probably left with a GPS module from the original GoPro. Don’t throw it away! You can use it on your quad, it works brilliantly with Betaflight and iNav.

It’s very light weight, at only 2.7g! It’s almost half of the weight of the BN180 (5.1g), but heavier than the NamelessRC TinyGPS (1.6g).

Dimension: 15mm x 35mm x 3mm

namelessrc tinygps size compare gopro bn180 gps modules

It could be easily mounted on most micro FPV drones, like the Rekon3.

gopro hero 6 7 8 gps module fpv drone betaflight inav

GoPro GPS Module Pinout

The wiring of the GoPro GPS module to the flight controller is very similar to other GPS modules, there are four connections: 3.3V, GND, TX and RX. The GoPro GPS module takes 3.3V as input voltage, and it connects to one of the spare UART on the FC (TX to RX, RX to TX).

Note that the pinouts of the GPS module from the Hero 6/7 and Hero 8 are different. The GoPro 6 and 7 have 8 pins while the Hero 8 has 10 pins.

gopro hero 6 7 8 gps module pinout fc wiring uart tx rx vcc gnd

Here’re a few more close up shots of the module, top and bottom. Make sure the ceramic antenna is facing upward when mounted on your quad.

gopro hero 6 7 8 gps module top

Ceramic Antenna – this should be facing upward when mounted in your quad

gopro hero 6 7 8 gps module bottom

Betaflight Settings

Betaflight Setup is exactly like using normal GPS module.

Take a look at my tutorial on how to setup GPS in Betaflight. Settings in Betaflight are:

  • In the ports tab, set baud rate to 9600
  • In Configuration tab, set GPS protocol to NMEA, and the rest of the settings set to auto


GPS Pin out for Hero 6/7 from this video: And the Hero 8:

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