Radiolink AT9S Pro 2.4G 12CH DSSS FHSS Transmitter SBUS PPM PWM CRSF Output with R12DSM Receiver Compatible TBS Crossfire Module for RC Drone

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Radiolink AT9S Pro 2.4G 12CH DSSS FHSS Transmitter SBUS PPM PWM CRSF Output with R12DSM Receiver Compatible TBS Crossfire Module for RC Drone



Radiolink AT9S Pro 2.4G 12CH DSSS FHSS Transmitter SBUS PPM PWM CRSF Output with R12DSM Receiver Compatible TBS Crossfire Module for RC Drone

Brand Name: Radiolink
Item Name: AT9S Pro Transmitter and R12DSM Receiver
Package Weight: 1200g 
Mode: Mode2
Color: Gold, Silver

  AT9S Pro Transmitter
Weight: 880g
Size: 183*100*193 mm
Frequencies Band: 2.4Ghz ISM band (2400MHz-2483.5MHz)
Bandwidth: 5.0MHz
ACPR: >38dbm
Modulation Mode: QPSK
Spread Spectrum Mode: DSSS&FHSS/CRSF
Transmission Power: DSSS&FHSS<100mW (20dbm)
CRSF  10mW/25mW/100mW/500mW/1W/2W (Optional)
Operating Voltage: 7.4~18.0V
Operating Current: DSSS&FHSS<90mA@12V
CRSF  Depends on the transmission power selected
Channel Qty: 10/12 (CH5 through CH10/12CH can be programmed)
Control range: DSSS&FHSS-4KM in the air (Maximum range is tested in an unobstructed area free of interference)
CRSF-Depends on the RX and TX from BLACKSHEEP
Signal Output: PWM/SBUS/PPM/CRSF
Compatible receivers: 12CH-R12DSM, R12DS
10CH-R9DS (Std), R6DS, R6DSM
Simulator Mode: the transmitters RF circuit turns off to save battery power
Display: 2.8-inch 16-bit true color screen, resolution 240 * 320 pixels
Adaptable Models: Rotary Wing, Fixed wing, Multicopter, Car, Boat, Robot

AT9S PRO Features:
-Radiolink 2019 AT9S Pro Version TX 10/12CH RC Radio Controller Support T8S Crossfire CRSF Protocols with R12DSM Mini Receiver RX 2.4G for Racing Drone Quadcopter Mode 1/2.
-Excellent Anti-interference: The rc transmitter with DSSS&FHSS working synchronously to keep the excellent anti-interference performance, only 3ms for10 channels response.
-CRSF Protocol Supported: On the basis of the RadioLink unique communication technology of DSSS and FHSS, CRSF protocol from BLACKSHEEP is added. Compatible with TBS Crossfire TX.
-Compatible with SBUS, PPM, PWM and CRSF: With DSSS&FHSS protocol, SBUS, PPM and PWM can operate simultaneously for seamless user control. With CRSF protocol, TBS Crossfire TX is needed to bind to BLACKSHEEP receiver.
-Real-time Information: When with flight module PRM-03,model voltage, speed, climb, throttle, longitude, latitude, altitude, GPS, RSSI, flight mode, yaw, roll, Pitch and distance are displayed. on the LCD screen display.
-Adapts to All Types of Aircraft: Easy to understand user software makes quick work of changing aircraft types,  Rotary Wing, Fixed Wing, Multicopter, Car, Boat, Robot. Transmitter automatically switches layout depending on selected mode.
-USB Based Upgrades: Transmitter is easily updated with the latest firmware by USB cable to connect PC.
-Voltage Protection System: RadioLink’s voltage protection software ensures vital components are protected from a reverse polarity connection.
-Simple Setting Humanized: Menu is designed applicable to both beginners and skilled person, only need takes 1 second to bind.
-Support for Universal Battery: JST connector supports multiple type batteries: 8 pcs AA or 2s-4s LiPo battery. (Not included batteries) A 3s 1800mAh liPo battery can work more than 12 hours.

R12DSM Receiver:

Signal: SBUS/PPM
Channel: 12CH
Control Distance: 4000m on air
Working Voltage: 4.8-6V
Working Current: 40-180mA (input voltage: 5V)
Size: 30*15mm
Weight: 2.5g
Detachable antenna
4096 section precision, 0.5us per section, servo anti-shake rudder
Control distance: about 4000 meters air, actually control distance depends on the environment.

Overview: Radiolink R12DSM, 2.4G 12 channels receiver, DSSS and FHSS hybrid dual spread spectrum, 2.5 gram weight, SBUS and PPM signal support, use for Radiolink transmitters AT9, AT9SAT10 and AT10II, is the best choice for racing drone.
SBUS and PWM signal change: Short press the ID SET switch twice within 1 second, the signal is changed from SBUS to PPM. The red LED indicates the PPM and blue/purple indicates SBUS.   
Two signal working mode:
Blue/purple LED, SBUS signal , 12 channels totally.
Red LED always, PPM signal, 12 channels totally.
How to match code with transmitter:
1. Place the transmitter and the receiver close to each other within 1 meters.
2. Turn on the transmitter, then power on the R12DSM.
3. There is a black button on the R12DSM, press the binding button for one second until the receiver light starts blinking and release, after about 8 times blinking, match code success when receiver signal LED always on.


If working with AT9S or AT10II, the channel mode should be set as 12-CHANNEL.
Long press Mode button to enter BASIC MENU => Select SYSTEM and enter => Change CH-SELECT from 10CH to 12CH

Package Included:
1 x AT9S Pro Mode2 Transmitter
1 x R12DSM Receiver
1 x Lanyard
1 x Throttle-Stick Spring Retainer
1 x Manual
1 x Box

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Gold, Silver

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