FUS X111 V2 2.5Inch 111mm 4S FPV Racing RC Drone Analog Version PNP w/Runcam Nano 2 FUS-F411 AIO

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FUS X111 V2 2.5Inch 111mm 4S FPV Racing RC Drone Analog Version PNP w/Runcam Nano 2 FUS-F411 AIO

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Fus-x111 V2 is a 2.5-inch culvert aircraft designed for small and medium-sized flight environment. At present, there are analog version and DJI Vista version. X111 V2 analog version is only 127g, and x111 v2-dji Vista version is only 150g. Its ultra light weight makes it has strong mounting capacity and can carry most of the motion cameras on the market, such as Go~Pro, insta, DJI action, etc.
The flight control hole position of fus-x111 V2 is 2.5.5/20 mm standard hole position, players can add card recording equipment according to their own needs; V2 increases the installation position of 915 antenna, adds anti-skid battery stickers, and replaces high-quality RGB LED tail lights to make formation flying more recognizable.
Fus-x111 V2 is suitable for both novices and veterans. It is more friendly to novices under 3S battery and can fly gently; x111 V2 under 4S voltage is faster, more flexible and more violent. Our recommended Battery Specification: 3S (12.6V) 450mah-800mah 4S (16.8v) 450mah-650mah. It is recommended to use a lighter battery when there is no load. It will make the hand feel better. The structure design of x111 V2 makes it still has high body strength in the case of hollow out and weight reduction. The duct ring of injection molded PC and the shock absorption sponge of EVA make it have good safety collision performance and are not afraid of indoor flight.
Brand: FUS
Item Name: X111 V2
Camera:Runcam nano 2
Frame:FUS-X111 V2
Fcs:FUS-F411 AIO
Motor:FUS-1106 3800KV
Video transmission:FUS-E200 200mw
Propeller:GEMFAN 2540-3 Bladed
Size: 155mm*173mm*40mm
Material:Carbon fiber PC EVA TPU
Version: PNP Without Receiver
Package Included:
1* X111 V2-PNP
4* 2540 Propeller
2* 2.4g Antenna tabe
1* Battery cable tie
1* Battery antiskid stick
8* M2*8 hexagon socket screw
1* Instruction book

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2 reviews for FUS X111 V2 2.5Inch 111mm 4S FPV Racing RC Drone Analog Version PNP w/Runcam Nano 2 FUS-F411 AIO

    August 16, 2021
    Well worth the money.
    August 5, 2021
    Oh god yes.

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